Entry Fee Payment Method

The following are the steps to pay with SemiCash. Please read carefully.


Visit the SemiCash website at www.semicash.com and SIGNUP for a free personal account.


Add Money to your SemiCash account. First login and at the menu click Deposit, next page enter amount $105 and continue, next page will show the SemiCash bank account and the currency conversion rate. You can do transfer with (Mobile, ATM, POS, Online Banking, etc) to the account number, or go to GTBank and do cash deposit, SemiCash will then credit your SemiCash account. NOTE: SemiCash provides payment processing service, they will deduct commission when processing your payment. For $100 payment, you need to pay about $105 (about N168,750) to have enough balance after commission deduction.


Here is the SemiCash Bank Account

Amount to Pay in Naira:  About N168,750

Bank Name:  Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTBank)

Account Name:  SemiCash E-Payment Ltd

Account Number:  0119156602

Step 3:

When you pay, check your SemiCash account, it will be credited up to $100. Now complete the ussafrica entry form and click continue to payment, at next page enter your SemiCash login details and continue to confirm. Your payment of $100 will be processed and you will get a confirmation email.

You can inform us when you make payment to confirm.

To know how to pay from your country please send your country name to: helpdesk@ussafrica.org. Also use the currency converter to check $110 in your currency.