United States Scholarship To Africa

Last year a total of 1125 applications were received for the 2023/24 exercise of the United States Scholarship to Africa. Only 1005 applicants sent the complete entry requirements and therefore provisionally acceptable. The remaining 120 applications were invalidated for failing to submit entry requirements.

Ultimately, a total of 1005 applicants documents were verified correct and therefore considered for admission processing. The statistics is in three categories, 76% was considered in the undergraduate program, while 24% was considered in the postgraduate program. Of the number considered in the postgraduate program, 22% was for applicants with first class honors. Admission processing for the successful candidates in the 2023/24 exercise has commenced. Dispatch of notification documents will start middle of this year.

Under the terms of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act, the departments of state and immigration will be contacted for purpose of issuance of student visas and temporary resident permits to the successful applicants.

Successful candidates will be issued visa at the United States Embassy in their respective countries. During the visa interview, candidates are advised to follow the instructions in their notification document and must fully provide every information requested. Successful candidates are further advised to act on their visa application quickly as they will be required to be in United States within a year of their notification. Applicants who fail to redeem their chances will derive no further benefit from the scholarship.

Below is the statistical breakdown of the selected number across Africa. To see the full list of successful candidates in your country click your country. To check your status please send your name and entry number to helpdesk@ussafrica.org for assistance.