United States Scholarship To Africa


These successful applicants fulfilled their dreams to study in United States through this scholarship program.


Name: Amuema Ugabise
Country: Guinea-Bissau
Program: Law (Undergraduate)

"I am very grateful to the ussafrica team for this loadable program. It has been my dream to study in the states and I am happy that my dream finally came to reality. Though the entire process may appear very challenging but it is definitely worth a try."

Name: Kate Dieyna Yollande
Country: Ghana
Program: Sociology (Undergraduate)

"A friend told me about this program, initially I didn't believe it was for real, but when my friend got selected I felt I have been left behind. I then applied the following year, I wasn't selected that year, I applied again, six months later the result came out and I saw my name. I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity."

Name: Naken Ayandy Pacheco
Country: Angola
Program: International Relations (Postgraduate)

"I believe I made it to this program because I refused to join the league of skeptics. When I applied I was positive; I never doubted. Like every good thing there is always a sacrifice to make. I did what I was required to do, and I got what I want. To the ussafrica team, I say don't be discouraged, keep up the good work."

Name: Alioune Ibrim Sylla
Country: Mali
Program: Pharmacology (Postgraduate)

"I think this is a rear opportunity in which only those who participate can benefit from. If I didn't take the chance when it was given to me I probably would not know what I will miss. I am very happy that I am on the right track. Ussafrica team keep it up."

Name: Okebuna Chioma Morien
Country: Nigeria
Program: Microbiology (Postgraduate)

"Fortune, they say, only favors the brave. It has been my long dream to study in such a good environment, so I grabbed the opportunity when I got to knew about this program. So it was like that I got this scholarship after fulfilling all the requirements. It may look difficult, but you only have to give it a try and I am glad I did."

Name: Eddy Brice Robert
Country: Gabon
Program: Pharmacology (Undergraduate)

"I really don't know how to express my gratitude to the ussafrica team for this wonderful opportunity given to me. This program has been a source of encouragement to my family. I could not have had a better chance of upgrading my education if not for this program. I will only advise everyone to embrace it."

Name: Lorita Alphonsine
Country: Guinea
Program: Geology (Undergraduate)

"Words alone will not be enough to convey my gratitude for this opportunity. It is simply a source of happiness. I wasn't very sure I will be taken the first time. But with prayers I didn't loose faith. I only did what I had to do, and put the rest in prayers. It worked for me, and I am very happy."

Name: Samuel Ajumaima
Country: Benin Republic
Program: Environmental Management (Undergraduate)

"I feel very fortunate to be among the lucky ones. Through faith and the help of my family I applied, then put the rest in prayers. I could not afford to sleep until the day the result was released. I really waited. You only need to understand their methods. They can even help you to get a part job where you can earn extra money. I feel very good."

Name: Theresa Chilufya
Country: Madagascar
Program: Sociology (Postgraduate)

"I feel very honoured to have received this award considering the good number of persons applying. I have always been praying for it. Though the task is not very easy considering my background, but I think it is worth the effort. I have already asked my friends to watch out for the next exercise. You simply need to be prepared."

Name: Khouma Abiboulaye
Country: Burkina Faso
Program: Mechanical Engineering (Postgraduate)

"At first I thought it could not be true, but when a friend of mine got selected I felt I should give it a try. Then came anxious of waiting for the result. I almost lost hope. But when it finally came, it was very rewarding. Now I study on scholarship and I also got a part-term job."

Name: Malombe Johnatan
Country: Mozambique
Program: Ophthalmology (Undergraduate)

"It is a good thing to be here. It wasn't by accident. I applied because I believe in the program, I never had any doubt. I felt it is the only way I can actualize my dream. When I want something I go for it. I went for this program and I am glad I am among the successful ones."

Name: Maureen Chascha
Country: Tanzania
Program: Nursing (Undergraduate)

"I am just fortunate to have this opportunity. My husband applied for both of us, I was selected, but my husband wasn't. So I didn't want to go alone but my husband encouraged me. We are hopeful that he will make it in the next exercise. I say big thanks to the ussafrica team."

Name: Palesa Nomayeza
Country: Lesotho
Program: Telecommunication Engineering (Postgraduate)

"My notification came when I never expected it, but I am grateful all the same. At first the whole thing looked like a mirage, but its only when I came here that I understood the methods and I must say it's only by this method you can do all these great work and succeed. It's very encouraging. Keep it up."

Name: Juliet Eyvonne
Country: Liberia
Program: Actuary Science (Undergraduate)

"I count myself lucky because we were three friends that applied the same time, I was the only one selected that year. It was an emotional thing traveling the following year without my friends. I just want to thank the ussafrica team for the good work. It's a rear opportunity."

Name: kelali Sunny Nebyat
Country: Ethiopia
Program: Economics (Postgraduate)

"This is one good thing that has happened that seem like a dream come true. When I applied, I was bent on making a try and it worked. When I got my email notification I felt a relieve. I started making all the necessary arrangements. Four months later I got the parcel which helped me to process my visa. The day of traveling was memorable."